Your Home’s Overhead Garage Door May Need Repair or Replacement Parts

As hard as it is for many people to believe, only four different types of garage doors are on the market today. These kinds are overhead garage doors that swing up or roll up, swing-out doors, and slide to the side garage doors. By far and away the most popular choice of garage doors in West Palm Beach today is the roll up overhead garage door. These are good and reliable garage doors, but unfortunately they have several different components that can break down and have to be repaired or replaced from time to time.


Overhead Garage Door Spring Repair

Overhead garage door repair in West Palm Beach often starts with the spring repair. These springs prove to be the real workhorses of the overhead garage door. Fatigue of the metal often leads them to break or snap after enough time. With a non-functioning spring, the overhead garage door west palm beach will be extremely hard or even outright impossible to open or lift. These must be replaced once they break.

Adjusting Your Overhead Garage Door

Overhead garage doors do come out of alignment once in a while. This causes them to bind up and not function properly. If an adjustment is all your garage door needs, you may be able to do this yourself. In any case, it is not an expensive or a difficult repair.

Overhead Garage Door Rollers Repairs

As you might guess, the rollers in a garage door permit the overhead door to slide up and down within the track. These rollers might freeze up or even break. They can be lubricated if they have frozen up, but they will have to be replaced if they break. These rollers are only a few dollars each if you need to replace them.

Overhead Garage Door Hinges Repair

These hinges on the overhead garage door permit the panels to move separately from each other. They are built with sleeves for the rollers so that they can go on the door sides. Such hinges may freeze up, rust, or even break with wear and tear. When they do, they are an easy and inexpensive repair job.


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