What Are the Signs that Garage Doors May Need Repair or Replacement?

In the town of Palm Beach, private vehicles are the predominant means of transportation. That means the garage is a highly important part of homes, making garage doors prominent fixtures in most homes. If in bad shape, a garage door would need to be repaired or replaced, depending on how severe the condition is. How would a homeowner know when it’s time for a new one?

House with Garage Door

Inspecting the Garage Door

To make sure the garage door is working properly, it needs regular inspection. For the most part, homeowners can detect when something is not right, but if would help to pay close attention to certain signs, including the following:

Malfunctions. If the door won’t open or close as well as it did in the past, it definitely needs some repair. The malfunction may arise from different causes so have it checked by a technician to pinpoint the exact causes. If the door refuses to work at all, or malfunctions again after a few uses, it’s time to have it replaced.

Cosmetic Damage. Rust buildup, cracks, and other signs of wear and tear will make the garage door look unsightly. This can negatively affect the curb appeal of the home, and will give the impression of poor maintenance. If left unresolved, this can have a huge impact on the home’s resale value.  Bankrate cites a study done at Florida State University, which shows that the garage door can account for about 13 percent of the home value. The effects goes beyond aesthetics too, as the damage can cause hazards to the car, the home, and its occupants.

Higher Energy Bills. If all other appliances or utilities in the home are working well, but the energy bills are rising, the garage door may be the culprit, especially if it’s an older model. Having the door repaired or replaced with a more energy-efficient system can help save money in the long run.

Keeping an eye on the garage is important for the car and the home. If at least one of the signs discussed above show up in your home, contact garage door professionals like Total Garage Repair right away.

Raise the door on the value of your garage, Bankrate