Steel, Aluminum, or Wood: What is the Best Material for Garage Doors?

When you are in the market for Palm Beach garage doors, you need to remember that your garage door will be the biggest functioning part of your home. It is also the feature most passersby see most prominently or with only a casual glance. Choose wisely and carefully when you pick out a material from which your new garage door in West Palm Beach is made. While the right material and appearance will enhance your home’s curb appeal, the wrong one may destroy it completely.


The Most Common Types of Garage Door Materials


If you are not much of a maintenance person, then metals will be a more appropriate selection for you than a garage door made from wood. Steel is the most popular choice in metal garage doors since it is tough as nails and yet comparatively affordable. The downsides to steel are that steel can rust once it is exposed and it can dent as well.

Be sure to touch up any scratches that appear as soon as possible to avoid the rusting effect and dirty look. You can reduce the denting effects by picking out garage doors that feature panels made with solid 24 to 25 gauge panels instead of the thinner gauged 27 to 28 gauge, since higher numbers mean the steel is thinner. You might also purchase a fiberglass overlay on your steel door, which will not rust and will resist denting too. You would have to repaint the fiberglass since its color does fade in time.


These days, your aluminum garage doors can come sturdier with laminated panels that are resistant to dents and heavy door frames. If you have enough money for these garage doors, then these rustproof and heavy-duty yet light doors are a fantastic choice. There are also the lower-priced aluminum doors that include other materials within the components. Aluminum is a nice choice for anyone with a large double door, since these doors are lightweight and do not create a lot of strain and stress for the operating machinery.


The best feature of wood garage doors is that they look so authentic and charming. Wood doors hold up well to bumps and can be custom-made for your needs. They will require a good amount of refinishing and repainting, particularly in humid or wet climates. You can buy wood doors in a variety of prices from moderate to super expensive. This comes down to whether or not they are insulated and hardboard- or plywood-skinned to be cheaper or are real and durable mahogany-, cedar-, or redwood-built frame and panel garage doors.


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