Know Your Top Three Choices When It Comes to Your Home’s Garage Door

When it is time to select a garage door for your home, you have a wide range of options. You will want to take several things into consideration, including style, material and budget. You can purchase stock doors at the low end of the price spectrum or custom-made doors in the thousands. Here are the three basic types of garage door you can choose from and the benefits of each.


Stock Doors

You can walk into any garage door retailer or home improvement big-box store and pick out a garage door. You won’t get bells and whistles, but you will get a door that will last you for a few years. While these doors are sufficient, they will not last for more than two or three years without the need for repair or maintenance.

Semi-Custom Doors

Think of these garage doors as a kind of kit that you do not have to build yourself. Semi-custom doors allow you to start with a basic style and add to it, creating the door that is right for your home. You may have wood options, panel design options, and the ability to add or take away glass inserts. You can also choose a steel door with a baked finish, allowing you to paint the door with a professional finish.

Depending on the options you choose, this door can last longer than a stock door. Because you are adding options, this door will be slightly more expensive than a stock door.

Custom-Made Doors

For the ultimate garage door, choose to have one custom made. These doors are made from high-quality wood, can match the design of your home, have better guarantees, and can enhance the look of your home. The benefit of this type of door is that it can be made specific to the environment you live in. This means that your door could last for the life of your home with routine care and maintenance.

Garage doors experts in Boca Raton, like those from Total Garage Repair, can install almost any type of doors, be it plain or ornate. The type of door you choose will depend on your budget and overall sense of style. It is always a good idea to purchase the best quality door that you can afford. If you skimp now, you will be buying a new door in just a few years.


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