Garage Repair Basics: Common Garage Door Problems to Look Out For

Your garage protects your car from the elements. To ensure that it does its job, do your best to keep it properly maintained. Like any other part of your home, it is prone to wear-and-tear, which sometimes results to bigger problems. Here are a few of the common difficulties that you’ll have to face with your garage door.

Steel Garage Doors

Your Garage Door Won’t Open and Close Properly

One of the times that you want some immediate garage repair is when your garage door won’t open or close properly. The first thing you should do if your garage door won’t open is to check your garage door opener. There could be several things that could be wrong with your garage door opener: the remote control batteries could have run dry, the motor is malfunctioning, or one of the cables is stuck.

You’ll need to be thorough in checking so that you can determine whether you can fix the problem yourself or you need to call in an expert to take a look at your garage door. Other possible problems can be that your gears aren’t properly lubricated or the track has become bent; an expert will definitely be needed for these instances.

The Garage Door Won’t Lock 

The main reason you want a garage is to protect your car from theft. If your garage door doesn’t lock, anyone can come in. Though the lock could be the problem, the other reason for the door not locking properly would be that your door is misaligned in some manner. This could be traced to the bars placed on your doors to lock them. Over time, they can be nudged out of position. Realigning them will require some effort. 

The Hinges Look Bad 

The hinges that support your garage doors are an important part of your garage door system. If they have become degraded, either rusted or sagging, they can cause performance problems for your door. In the worst case scenario, the hinges break and your door collapses. If the door hinges are looking bad, you may want to call in a professional to replace it or service it. 

Let the Pros Handle It

Coral Springs garage door repair experts like Total Garage Repair have the know-how and experience to identify what’s wrong and fix it. Contact one immediately to ensure your garage being in good condition. 

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