Garage Doors: Seven Sure Signs that You’ll Need Professional Repair

To maintain your garage door, you must never ignore or delay important repair tasks. If you hear strange noises or notice any functional problems, you may want to contact a reputable company that provides repair services for garage doors in Fort Lauderdale.



When a garage door makes a whirling sound while it opens and closes, the panels, tracks, or rollers are probably damaged. If you hear a clicking sound, the springs need to be replaced because they are old.

Excessive Friction

The mechanism that operates the motor will require maintenance if your door doesn’t open and close as smoothly as it used it. To solve this problem, a technician must realign the components that run along the edge of the garage door.

Poor Support Panels

When the support panels on a garage door are constantly under a lot of stress, the materials will begin to bend. Without repairs, the condition of the panels will worsen; if this happens, multiple insulation issues may occur.


In some situations, one side of a garage door will operate more efficiently than the opposite side. If your garage door runs slowly, the unit may have old springs that are malfunctioning. You can buy replacement springs by contacting a supplier of garage door parts Ft. Lauderdale.

Decayed Material

A garage door shouldn’t have any cracks, holes, or bended surfaces. If these problems are ignored, the door will decay. A maintenance and repair expert can fix a rotten door safely and affordably.

Dings and Dents

If your garage door is made out of thin stainless steel, dings and dents may develop on the surfaces over time. Non-insulated doors are easy to repair because a technician can quickly push the dents out using specialize tools. If a garage door has insulation, a technician may have to remove and replace each dented section of the door.

A wooden garage door should be replaced when certain sections begin to sag. Typically, you’ll notice a giant gap along the bottom of the door while the door is closed. Sagging usually occurs when an automatic opener is frequently used while certain door sections aren’t properly secured.

Higher Energy Bill

If your energy costs are continuously rising, your garage door may have insulation problems or a lack of weather-stripping in key perimeters. To reduce your energy costs, you’ll need to seal the leaks or install a better door that has an R-value of 17.2 or higher.

When you notice any of the most common signs, your garage door will require professional maintenance.