Garage Door Repair: What to Do When Your Car Hits Your Garage Door?

Garage doors can be damaged due to various factors. While most are due to natural conditions like harsh weather and gradual mechanical deterioration, some are caused by human error, such as when a car collides into it. In these instances, usually, not much damage occurs to the car because drivers generally manipulate them slow. However, not many are aware that a garage door system can be sensitive to even slight impacts.

Driving a Car

Effect of collision on garage door

Obviously, collisions result to dents on the garage door and this can be easily patched up by a garage door repair specialist. However, if the crash was strong enough to knock the track out of alignment, your garage door may no longer operate as smoothly. Garage doors are a complex system composed of tracks, cables, panels and motors that works properly only if all the others are in the right place. If your garage door has recently experienced impact, call your local West Palm Beach expert to mitigate the damage as early.

Dangers of a broken garage door

Unless you have professional experience fixing garage doors, do not, at all cost, attempt to repair parts on your own, particularly high-tension springs. The spring basically does all the heavy lifting so it can come loose, lash out and cause you serious injury if you attempt to release it without proper caution. Injuries occur too when fingers get caught on tracks, panels or sharp edges during repair. In extreme cases, garage doors can fall off right when you least expect it. So, if you’re untrained, better leave this dangerous task to overhead garage door specialists from local West Palm Beach companies like Total Garage Repair. 

Some notes on insurance 

If you collided with your garage door and your car is damaged, you may file an insurance claim to cover car repair costs. Review your policy’s comprehensive or collisions section and see whether your carrier might acknowledge the claim. Moreover, there are instances when homeowner’s insurance may shoulder garage repair since it’s also technically a part of a house’s structure. Nonetheless, if you’ll have to pay higher deductibles than the allowable claim, it makes sense to just pay out of pocket.

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