Garage Door Repair: Regular Maintenance Can You Safe from Accidents

The garage door is a convenient appliance that allows you to easily access your enclosed parking area, but it can be a hazard if it’s not properly maintained. According to estimates, more than 2,000 people a year are injured by falling garage doors. More than 300 people are injured by springs when they’re trying to replace them, and doors that just aren’t working properly result in another 200 injuries. Through expert garage door repair in Fort Lauderdale, you can avoid these problems, but the trick is learning when to call for service. Here are some of the warning signs that you should watch out for.


Test the Door

One of the biggest dangers lies with a door that doesn’t automatically reopen when it encounters resistance. With Fort Lauderdale garage door repair services, you can have this problem addressed before it results in property damage or serious injury. To determine if your garage door is working properly, simply put a box in the path and close the door. If it’s properly set, it will sense the resistance and reopen.

The Visual and Auditory Inspection

Stand in the garage and take a close look at the rails and other hardware. Open the door and listen to the machinery while watching the movement. The door should operate smoothly without any grinding or other loud noises. If you see any problems, then you may want to turn to the professionals for service.

A Little Maintenance

You can avoid costly repairs by simply investing in a little maintenance. About twice a year, you should spray lubricant on the door’s track, hinges, and rollers. Keeping these moving parts and rails lubricated will ease the strain on the door and help it last longer. You’ll save money in the long run and avoid the hassle of breakdowns.

Rather than trying to handle these repairs on your own, let the professionals take care of the job for you. Trying to work on garage doors without the proper tools and training can lead to serious injuries. Ignoring potential problem can also result in emergency room visits, so keep a close eye on your door to ensure that it’s working safely and properly.

Protect your family and property by keeping your garage door in great working condition. With repairs and a little maintenance, you can avoid most accidental injuries.

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